About OpenTuner

Program autotuning has been demonstrated in many domains to achieve better or more portable performance. However, autotuners themselves are often not very portable between projects because using a domain informed search space representation is critical to achieving good results and because no single search technique performs best for all problems.

OpenTuner is a new framework for building domain-specific multi-objective program autotuners. OpenTuner supports fully customizable configuration representations, an extensible technique representation to allow for domain-specific techniques, and an easy to use interface for communicating with the tuned program. A key capability inside OpenTuner is the use of ensembles of disparate search techniques simultaneously, techniques which perform well will receive larger testing budgets and techniques which perform poorly will be disabled.


We will be giving another OpenTuner tutorial at PLDI 2015. PLDI will take place in Portland, Oregon on June 13-17 2015. The OpenTuner tutorial will be on the afternoon of Sunday, June 14th.

Contributing Code

The preferred way to contribute code to OpenTuner is to fork the project on github and submit a pull request. You can also submit a patch via email to [email protected].


OpenTuner is supported in part by the United States Department of Energy X-Stack program as part of D-TEC.